Conference location

The conference site will be located downtown at the Hotel IBIS Meriadec, closed to the place Pey-Berland - one of the nicest places at Bordeaux. It is easily connected via the tramway and all hotels are at walking distance.

IBIS HOTEL Meriadeck

Ibis Hotel, 35 Cours Maréchal Juin, 33000 Bordeaux, France

mini_fleche.gif Rooms are pre-reserved for conference attendees until April 8th, 2016 at IBIS Hotel.

>> Bordeaux information

Bordeaux is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. « The Port of the Moon, port city of Bordeaux in south-west France, is inscribed as an inhabited historic city, an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble, created in the age of the Enlightenment, whose values continued up to the first half of the 20th century, with more protected buildings than any other French city except Paris. It is also recognized for its historic role as a place of exchange of cultural values over more than 2,000 years, particularly since the 12th century due to commercial links with Britain and the Low Lands. Urban plans and architectural ensembles of the early 18th century onwards place the city as an outstanding example of innovative classical and neoclassical trends and give it an exceptional urban and architectural unity and coherence. Its urban form represents the success of philosophers who wanted to make towns into melting pots of humanism, universality and culture. »


JetBus (30-45 minutes / 7 euros)

TBC regular bus, liane 1 (60 minutes / 1.40 Euros)

Taxi (20-40 minutes/ ~30-40 euros)

  • Bordeaux train station to Bordeaux center (15 minutes): The train station is located downtown Bordeaux and the tramway allow to easily reach the conference centre.


Saint Emilion Visit


A visit to St Emilion is scheduled Tuesday, May 31 followed by a gala dinner in a castle there.

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